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Asilo – Geografías / Wardance

Been a while, huh? You know, I don’t know what it was but for whatever reason I lost the will to write over the past month or so. Maybe it’s the stress. Regardless of why I’ve been gone, I’m here today because of a happy little surprise. Today I received an email from Asilo – a crust punk/doom metal four piece from Argentina – looking for a little recognition here on Chuck Mangione. I was immediately blown away and began brimming with excitement. I couldn’t believe my dinky little blog actually caught someone’s attention and that person thought that I was worth their time. I cannot begin to stress how much I appreciate the sentiment. I shan’t squander this opportunity and am of course happy to spread this young band to a wider audience.

As I said, Asilo is from Argentina and consists of four members, but here’s the kicker: instead of the typical guitar-bass-drum set up, Asilo has opted for two bassists. This of course struck me as odd but not entirely out there. There’s precedent: two-piece stoner act OM (formed by Kyuss bassist Al Cisneros post-breakup) is just drums and a bass guitar. Of course I approach this act with an open mind and more excitement than I can manage. What was sent to me was a two track single posted on the band’s bandcamp featuring title tracks “Geografías” and “Wardance”. The band lists numerous other splits that I have yet to locate, however, plus a full-length debut set for release sometime in 2013. I eagerly anticipate reviewing it for you guys when it drops.

Geografías / Wardance is kind of a two-faced ordeal. The first of the two, “Geografías”, is the doom-flavored side of this. It’s a slow, crunchy, heavy dirge fans of Cough and Chuch of Misery will be very familiar with. There’s a somewhat stoner-y quality to it as well, attributed to the use of feedback and melody. The track slows toward the midpoint and delves into a hypnotic breakdown that is, again, very reminiscent of stoner doom acts. I feel like this track doesn’t really break any new ground, though. It’s not even remotely terrible but at the same time not much jumped out at me at first. I really do like the use of melody, however. The congruence with the more aggressive “crust-y” bits should work nicely on the full-length, as plenty of others have done.

The other side of the coin is “Wardance”, a glimpse into the crust side of the Asilo equation and a cover off of Killing Joke’s debut. I’m told this track won’t be on the full-length and is presented merely as a b-side for the debut single. Overall, this is promising. I’m very excited for the full-length next year. I’m certainly going to keep an eye out for it. I hope Asilo really pushes the envelope on that release, though. They have something on this single. It’s a special something that Asilo would be wise to expound upon to the best of their intellectual ability. The result could be something very, very memorable.



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